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Locks and Touring

Getting ready for a short tour/ride from Austin to New Braunfiels (around 58miles).

I have a Kryptonite cable lock, but after reading more about this, people seem to rec. using a U-lock and Cable lock (at least w/ DFs).

Not too concerned about the weight, b/c I'll have fair amt. of gear, but wonder if I could by w/ 2 cable locks? Also the locks tend to be bulky (I'll need to see if I can strap them to the outside of the packs) Or if I get an extra long cable lock, perhaps I could wind around both wheels and the frame.

I'm planning to lock it up when I stop at SubWays or Pizza Hut for lunch. Will take off the Panniers/Lights and try to keep it in view while inside. My greatest fear is going to the restroom and coming back w/ the bike gone!

Anyway, if anyone has any stories to share about locking/touring/theft prevention, I'd love to hear it.

The best theft prevention is keeping the bike close to you and visible. If you need to leave it unattended, try to minimize the amount of time away.

A single long cable lock wrapped around a light post, through the rear wheel, and the Lighting seat frame should keep your bike safe during meals or bathroom breaks.

Removing the panniers is a good precaution in seedy areas.

My guess is that bike thieves consider recumbents less attractive than mountain and road bikes, if only because they are outside the mainstream and thus harder to sell quickly.

Good luck and safe riding,


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