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Get Off The Trail!! They Shouted To Me On My F40

I was waiting for this to happen. Last night, on a non-motorized trail I had never been on before, someone started screaming at me "THIS IS A NON-MOTORIZED TRAIL - GET THAT THING OFF OF IT RIGHT NOW!!!!". They had stopped at a trail head and I was going the other way on my fully faired F40. I thought about going back, unzipping the fabric and asking them to look for the "motor", but it was getting late and headed for home.

I still am waiting for a local park system police officer to pull me over sometime. That would be the ultimate.

Bob Krzewinski

When you travel at F40 speeds, the uninitiated assume that you have an electric motor and battery under the fairing.

I used to do lots of organized century rides in the past. Whenever I parked the fully faired bike at a rest stop, people would gather around to look inside.

They were always surprised when they found a bike, but no motor.

Safe riding,


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