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Stealth docs?

Can someone point me toward good documentation about the Lightning Stealth, preferably with detailed pics? Why I ask: I've long wanted to get my Stealth's custom bike bags duplicated, but haven't had the time. Now I've got some time (between the end of my last job and starting grad school) so I'm starting to document their construction and their problems @

The bags were built (and their successors need) to fit a Stealth, so it'd be useful to be able to point to Stealth docs ... but I'm not finding much when I google. I'd point to Phantom docs, but the folks who consume my pages are probably gonna be fabric people, not recumbent people, and I don't wanna confuse them. ("Yes, I know the page say 'Phantom,' just pretend it says 'Stealth.'") Any suggestions?


An owner's manual for the Stealth/Phantom exists, though I have never seen it. Lightning should be able to provide one. This might help.

I am unclear about exactly what it is that you are trying to do. Trying to create a blueprint of the bags that you could shop around to prospective fabricators, with pictures of the bike? I am running low on caffeine right now... so my reading comprehension is not so hot.

If you want close-up photos of the areas of the bike where the bags will attach, you may have to borrow a digital camera and do them yourself.

Good luck with the bag project. If they actually get made, please let us know.



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