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Just got my new P-38...

Wow! Just go my new P-38. Crimson color. It sure looks nice. I had a pre-2000 model without the extra lean abiltity.

I noticed that the head tube looks like it is thinner walled. Is that true?

Also my friend has a P-38 and his triangle piece between the down tubes looks thicker than my new one. Do you know if Lightning changed that as well?

Just curious to know.


Hi Sam,

I don't know how the P-38 frame has changed recently. My guess is that Lightning is tweaking the frame design a little to optimize strength and light weight. In the middle nineties the head tube was actually made somewhat thicker to deal with cracks developing in that area on some bikes.

You describe your old bike as lacking extra lean ability. What do you mean by this? Besides the seemingly thinner head tube and top tube gusset, how else is the bike different from your older one? Tell us what components are on the bike too. And what motivated you to get a new bike at all?

Glad to have somebody actually write a note to the forum! I was beginning to think the whole thing was kaputt.

Safe riding, and enjoy your new toy,
Joel Dickman

Hi Joel,
By lean ability I mean my older verison did not allow the seat to be reclined. It was locked into one position.

I only bought a frameset since I had all of the other parts.

But when I was looking at the frame closer that is when I realized that the head tube and the triangular gusset were made of thinner walled metal than my old frame. This kinda surprised me since I knew the frames cracked in that area. I emailed Lightning and asked if this would be ok. (I thought maybe somebody grabbed the wrong tubing thickness when making the frame.) But I have not heard from them yet.

It was kinda dissappointing to see the thinner wall metal, but I figure, they must know what they are doing. And I do have 5 years on the frameset.


Anyone out there?

This forum has been very sleepy in recent months. I have been busy with other stuff.

But I will try to offer advice and ideas to anybody who asks questions. Lots of things will need to be addressed to Tim Brummer, but I can often handle the easy ones.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman


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