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P-38 Tune Up

Hi fellow P-38 enthusiasts, I just got my 2006 P-38 tuned up, with new cable housing and new cables, and boy oh boy, has that made a difference in the responsiveness and suppleness of the shifting. It is truly a game-changer. on a prior post to this forum I mentioned that I might upgrade my drive train components, and Joel recommended that before i do that I get my cables and cable housing switched out to see if that improves the shifting. Having just now gotten that done, I can say that Joel's advice was "spot on"!!!!!! Thanks Joel!!!! The bike shifts even better than it did when it was brand new, if that is possible!!?? I love it all over again. I also got the bar tape refressed. I opted for silver tape from Fizik. Nice and cush. the silver bar tape goes great with the deep blue of the paint job. I actually was inspired to name the bike for the very first time. I christened it "Blue Lightning". I also had fenders put on. that was a long time coming. Without fenders the P-38 is a real drag riding in wet or muddy conditions! Now i can ride my Blue Lightning on any day of the year, assuming no ice on the roads! Happy riding Lightning Campers!!!!

Hi David, did you tune up the P-38 yourself, or local shop? I'm wondering where you got replacement parts like cables. I need to tighten up my brake lines, and I have gotten all the adjustment I can from the handlebar adjusters, but it is not enough. I can't seem to undo the anchor bolt on the brake cable (I'm guessing they used thread lock?) so I guess I am going to have to cut it and run a new cable. But I have never seen anchor bolts like these before and wonder where I will find them. Cheers, Drew


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