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P-38 for sale

I have a P-38, large frame for sale. Very good condition with almost new tires. Apparently pictures can't be added here, so you can email me at if you are interested.


P-38 has been sold.

Hey lowinohio:

Prospective buyers will want more information up front. Like how old is the bike... what components does it have... what color is it... any accessories of note... and most importantly PRICE. Selling a new or used recumbent TRIKE is pretty easy. But over the last ten years or so recumbent BIKES have gotten less popular than they used to be. This means bike sellers have to entice potential buyers with detailed information if they want to make a sale. We know that the bike is LARGE. That is a good start. Many people neglect to mention the frame size.

Just some friendly advice, and stay healthy.

Safe riding,

These three prevent most accidents: seeing, being seen, & (usually) common sense.

Guess that lowinohio sold his bike, despite the somewhat brief description. I did not notice the follow-up note saying so. Still think my advice is valid for most recumbent bike sellers most of the time.


Yes, I should have added more details, but I think I was relying on adding some pics, which I didn't see a way of doing.
I did sell the bike, and did post that info a day previous to your post. I just got another inquiry about it, so apparently it wasn't seen very easily.

P-38 HAS BEEN SOLD!!! :)


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