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looking for some parts

Hi Joel et al,
Does anyone have these available? Used condition welcome:
- crankset between 135 and 150 mm length available? Would prefer square taper with130/78 Bolt Circle Dia.
- seat stay/strut clamps for Rans (5/8, 3/4 Outside Dia.)
- over/under double idler
- replacement mesh for a Thunderbolt seat.

Hi cici-

1) You might find a shorty crankset on eBay. But a road triple short crankset - 130/74 - in a very short size is almost unheard of. Mark Stonich at BIKESMITHDESIGN.COM can either shorten your existing cranks or fix you up with something new. He has been doing this for many years. He is good at it.
2) The RANS seat stays I have seen were held in position with grenade pins. Clamps would likely be available from T-CYCLE (aka terracycle) but would be expensive. Don't know of a source for inexpensive ones.
3) I am assuming you have already contacted Lightning about the Thunderbolt seat mesh. If they cannot help you - or if the price is too high - consider contacting Andrew Carson at RECYCLEDRECUMBENTS.COM. He is good at making all kinds of recumbent bike stuff, and will not charge you an internal organ.

Good luck, and stay healthy,


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