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I hate to see so long between entries and I may be not the best and truest Lightning rider as I'm tending towards 3 wheels these days (my meds are interfering with balance). I do keep coming back to the Lightnings, always own at least one. Let's try to keep this sight active and relevant. I think that is important and Joel deserves props for it.


Hello Dave, Chance, and other Lightning recumbent enthusiasts -

I appreciate the kind words about this site and forum. I originally started the site because Tim Brummer's own Lightning site was seriously lacking in photographs. That was a number of years ago, and the photography problem has long since been corrected. Now this site functions mainly as a discussion forum. Though the thing is moribund. There is hardly enough interest to warrant keeping it going. If you are a recumbent enthusiast, you can find plenty of discussion on Bryan Ball's BENTRIDERONLINE site. (But avoid posting notes on Bryan's forum that undermine his commercial interests. He will promptly expel you.) If you are more of a builder or racer, Warren Beauchamp's RECUMBENTS.COM site is the happening place. This site does not clearly serve much purpose, so I may close it down soon. It does not cost much money and time to keep it going. If only a half dozen riders ever look at it, even a modest amount of money spent artificially keeping it alive may be too much. Maybe it is time for this site to experience a natural death. Still mulling this over.

Safe riding, and stay healthy,
Joel Dickman

These three prevent most accidents: seeing, being seen, and (usually) common sense.

Lightning still links here. Before you finally throw in the towel, we should ask TB to change the link from "Forum" to "Joel Dickman solves your problems."


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