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Ideal Drive Train for P-38 for Faster/Sportier Riding

I'm looking for advice on rear derailleur and cassette modification on the P-38 to optimize both speed and versatility of the P-38. Currently I have a Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur (6600 Series) running on a 11-23 cassette. the shifting is adequate, but not as crisp and quick as I'd like. Any recommendations for improvement in the system components welcoime!

Hi David,

You may already know what I am going to suggest, but let me run it by you anyway. Might help some other rider reading this.

Before replacing your perfectly fine Shimano rear derailleur, or your shifter, I would experiment with higher quality cables, cable housings, and cable routing. Jagwire (spelling?) used to make a variety of shift cables and housings, and the pricier stuff did the job very well. Pay special attention to cable routing. Sometimes it is better to have a longer cable / housing run if it lets you avoid sharp radius bends. Take the time to file down and open up the ends of the housings and ferrules. Keep the exposed cables clean, and lube the pivot points on the rear derailleur. Doing this might help some. Just substituting another rear derailleur that is higher priced will probably not help at all. If your 11-23 cassette is well adapted to your local topography and fitness, I would also stick with it. A wider range cassette may shift a little bit less quickly than what you have now. Of course, keeping your chain clean and well lubed can only help.

The importance of getting the cables routed well, and the cable housings properly finished, are the two things that many cyclists are not fully aware of. Let us know what you try, and if anything helps or hinders.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman
These three prevent most accidents: seeing, being seen, and (usually) common sense.

Joel, Great advice! Thanks for taking the time! I'll keep the forum posted on what I do to improve the shifting.


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