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Bike Packing on a P-38

I'd like to know what assortment of baggage folks have been able to attach to the P-38 to maximize carrying capacity for longer journeys involving overnights at campsites or B&Bs. What's the optimal formula for maximum load carrying capacity on the P-38?

The aero panniers that Lighting sells are pricey, but they are unusual in that they do not slow you down aerodynamically in comparison with ordinary panniers. Angletech sells a thing called an aerotrunk that fits well when mounted above the Lightning panniers on top of a rack. Other bags will have greater capacity, but will slow you down a bit. If you are touring you might not care about maximizing your speed, so the bigger capacity (and cheaper) bags may be the better way to go.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

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Joel, What do you recommend as far as rear racks go on which to mount the Lightning panniers?

Hi David,

I don't know. Get Tim Brummer on the phone and get the most informed answer.

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