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I am very curious what P-38 riders have done to maximize the water/fluid carrying capacity of the P-38 for longer rides. personally, I have never liked to water bottle attachment location on the frame as the bottles get covered in trail dust that close to the ground (I do not have fenders, which might be part of the problem). Please let me know what you guys have come up with the ensure adequate hydration on long P-38 rides. Thanks!!!

Hi David,

You could attach a water bottle cage to the steering column if you do not like the under seat bottle location. I used to hang a Camelback-type hydration bladder on the back of my Lightning seat when going on very long rides. I would drape the water tube over my shoulder and tuck the end into my shirt collar. Worked pretty well. The only inconvenience was keeping the inside of the plastic bladder clean.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman
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