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F-22 setup

Has anyone had experience with the F-22 setup?

Could you comment about the impact upon speed?

And, if possible could you comment about the benefit of using it during cold weather rides for increased warmth/comfort?


I have no experience with the new F22 fairing. Just by eyeballing the thing, I am confident it would give you some weather protection and allow you to ride in colder weather with less layering of clothing. I am also confident that it would provide some speed boost to stronger riders, at least when cranking hard. How much speed improvement? That is the key question. If you are a more athletic rider, the sort that likes to compete with other cyclists, you should notice real improvement. If you are a more "smell the roses" type of rider, I do not think you will get any obvious improvement in speed. That is my speculation. Some riders find getting their feet through the bottom openings of the F40 Spandex fairing a little bit intimidating. Having your legs poke out of the front should make the F22 more user friendly, and less expensive. No fiberglass nosecone needed.

Safe riding,

Thanks Joel!


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