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Ordered a P-38 ROX today

I want to thank you for your guidance and enthusiasm as I have been researching the purchase of my next bent.
I had a wonderful conversation with Tim Brummer today. He was a great guy when I spoke to him years ago, has a great reputation, and was amazing today
helping me navigate down the P-38 ROX purchasing path. I had loads of questions, and he had all of the answers.

To keep you updated Joel, the answer is yes to the question: "Can the P-38 ROX handle an 11-46 cassette?"

I look forward to receiving the bike in 6 weeks +/- some time.
I am psyched!!
Thanks again!

Hi again Bob,

Glad that I helped some. You used to ride a P38 and liked it. I think the new bike will also work well for you. When you get it and get some miles on it, please write back and give us your impressions, for both good and ill.

Stay healthy,

Will do Joel!
Thanks again...


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