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Clamps to mount seat

Looking for clamps to quickly attach and remove the seat so that my 2000 Thunderbolt will fit on my bike rack. I bought the T-bolt used with hose clamps holding the seat to the mounts. I don't know what the original clamps look like. Can anyone point me to a solution? Thanks.

I think that Lightning could sell you the finger-tightening clamps for seat mounting purposes. Try contacting them. They are a good news / bad news story. The good: easier & quicker to use for repeated seat removal and remounting. The bad: it is hard to get them tight enough to eliminate annoying squeaking sounds. Old fashioned hose clamps - like what you have now - are easier to get nice and tight with a screw driver. At least that was my experience some years back with a Phantom with the finger-tightening clamps. Maybe Lightning has improved them.

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