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Rack for Thunderbolt?

Can anyone recommend a rear rack for an old (the only kind) Thunderbolt, to carry a couple panniers? Lightning doesn't carry them anymore. Thanks.

Hi BranchRider - I have never owned a Lightning Thunderbolt, but I have had a few rides on the bike. It is similar in overall design to the Stealth / Phantom and P-38, but has a somewhat shorter wheelbase and higher seat position. To me, it felt much like riding a RANS V-Rex bike, but with the benefit of having a Lightning seat with the lumbar curve supporting the small of my back. I have used Blackburn racks on various Lightning bikes with success, and one should also work with your Thunderbolt. Other racks will likely work perfectly well too. The main concern is getting a reliable attachment between the front/top of the rack and the seat stays. Blackburn used to make little clamps to attach racks to bikes lacking braze-on attachment points. These are likely still available. You might also be able to use heavy duty plastic zip ties for attachment purposes. But if you do this, you cannot use any old zip ties at all. The flimsy little ones will not last long. You can find 75 pound ones at big box stores like Lowe's, Home Depot and the like. Get something long enough to wrap around both the rack and seat stays a few times before tightening down. Clip off the excess. The same ties can also be used to attach a Lightning seat mesh to your seat frame. Good luck, and let us know what works for you.

Safe riding, Joel


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