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2016 Lightning Phantom II for Sale

$750. Large frame.
Bike is in like new condition. Has about 15 miles on it riding around a subdivision. It is stock the way it came from Lightning. It is in Maryville, IL. Would consider driving a couple of hours to meet a buyer. Email Lots of photos at!Aukg-rgRPRvNql3mDZ3BHbydhlpB?e=ULbcPD You can go to this address to view the specs. Here is X-seam for Phantom from Lightning website.

My 2 cents:

A new Phantom from Lightning costs $1990 plus sales tax and/or shipping. It will have disc brakes instead of V-brakes, which is nice. But V-brakes will stop you just fine too. I have a variety of Lightning bikes: R84, P38, and a Phantom. The Phantom weighs a few pounds more than the P38 and carbon fiber bikes, but for the most part it is extremely similar in overall ride quality.

$750 for a barely used Phantom is an excellent deal.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

The Phantom has been sold.


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