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P-38 brakes

Curious if anyone has modified their disc brakes from Avid BB7’s to a different mechanical disc brake?

Hi again Ed -

I am not a disc brake guy. My preference is for Magura hydraulic rim brakes. Having said that, the disc brakes that seem the most cost effective at present are the lower priced Shimano hydraulic discs. Lightning is using them as standard equipment on the Phantom now. They are alleged to be inexpensive, reliable, and well-functioning. Some people are hydraulic brake phobic, and prefer to use steel cables inside cable housing. The Avid discs used to be regarded as the ones to beat, but the TRP Spyke and Spire brakes might be better. Where the Avids press the rotor on only one side, pushing the rotor sideways into contact with a stationary pad, the TRP brakes have two moving pads, pushing against the rotor from both sides at the same time.

Old fashioned V brakes and road calipers still work well, as long as you pay close attention to the quality of your cables, housings, and brake line routing. Gettting the routing right makes a big difference.

Did you ever get any good advice from Brummer about using a torque wrench?

Safe riding,

I am looking at TRP since it is dual action on the pads. Not ready to tackle hydraulic brakes yet. Want to do myself but would need help from more experienced mechanic at shop I work at.
Tim suggested I pull and clean boom well and relube bolts which I did. It seems secure but hasn’t been challenged by falling over so we’ll see.


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