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Does anybody use the new smaller Zzipper fairing being sold? What are your thoughts on it inboth cold weather and warm weather riding. Something I’m considering for my P-38.

Hi Ed -

I am not familiar with the "new smaller Zzipper fairing" you refer to, but have some experience with the old handlebar-mounted Zzipper fairing that Lightning sold in the past. The older fairing was modestly effective at higher speeds. I am not sure it will really give you a full 10% boost at the speeds that most recumbent riders normally travel though. Perhaps if you are unusually fit, or if you are going downhill. But it does help some, and it is effectively "free" speed. You do not have to train hard to improve your fitness level. Just give Lightning your credit card information. In very cold weather it also keeps your hands and face somewhat warmer, but you will still need good gloves if you are doing much cold weather riding. One nice thing about the handlebar-mounted fairing is that it does not really increase the bulk of the bike when transporting it, say in the back of a van.

The new F-22 partial fairing described on Kickstarter looks interesting. I would wager that it is very effective both as a speed booster and weather protection. Unfortunately, most people do not look at fairings from a purely functional perspective. They love the LOOKS of the smooth compound curves of fiberglass, as seen in the various velomobiles (or the F40 fiberglass nosecone). The fabric F-22 faiing does not have this look, and I fear that most riders will fail to appreciate it from an engineering perspective.

By the way, I have one of the older Zzipper handlebar-mounted fairings that I might sell. Write to me if you are interested.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

These three prevent most accidents: seeing, being seen, & (usually) common sense.

How does your fairing compare to the one sold by Lighting? How does it mount? Can you provide a picture and what condition is it in?

What size is it - my bike is an XL so a large is recommended by Lightning.

Hi again Ed - I will send you an email privately about this stuff at your YAHOO email address.



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