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V-brake stud adaptor on eBay

Poking around on eBay I found something that looks useful. Go to eBay and search under "Bike V Brake Bracket Frame Adaptor". You will pull up a description of a pair of small aluminum pieces that allow you to move V-brake mounting studs up or down 22mm from their normal location. Suppose you own a Lightning Phantom (or the older Stealth) and you want to switch from the standard mountain bike rear wheel to a road bike style 700C rear wheel. Without access to these brake stud adaptors, you are obliged to spend lots of money on Paul Motolite V-brakes, or other sometimes pricey brakes that have an unusually long range of adjustment up and down. These adaptors look like they would do the same trick, but only cost $11.40 shipped. I think that they are intended for users of upright bikes with 20" wheels (Dahon and the like) who want to switch from ISO 406 wheels to the larger ISO 451 size.

I have not used these adaptors myself, but they look promising for riders who like to experiment with different sized wheels.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

Looking again at the picture on eBay, I think these brackets are intended to be used with bikes and forks that have removable V-brake studs. Lightning bikes do not have removable studs, so these things will not work as I thought. V-brakes with wider-than-standard pad height adjustment are needed, like the expensive Paul Moto-lite brakes. I think Bacchetta has a V-brake with unusually wide-range pad height range that is less costly than the Paul components. There are likely other brakes that will do the job too.

Safe riding,

The picture of the brackets attached to the purple bike frame show that they can be used on bikes and forks that do NOT have removable studs. Would they provide a sufficiently rigid mount for V-brakes to work properly? Only buying them and testing will determine that.

Safe riding,

I made a set of these out of flat 1/16" Stainless Steel and they worked pretty good overall to go use a 700c wheel on Canti Studs mounted for 26" wheels.
They did flex a bit upon hard braking as they were flat stainless instead of having any structural support.on the backside.
I found information on how to do this online somewhere a few years back.
I had a Bacchetta Corsa that I converted to 700c from 26" and then back again when I sold the bike.
I still have these at home...somewhere.


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