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Which Bike Computer for P-38?

Just a basic computer... Not looking to spend a lot of money... Unable to find a tandem-length wired model... And the wireless models require less than 70cm between unit and sensor.

One solution is to change the location of the computer. I use a Planet Protege 9 Wireless and a cheap t-shaped handlebar mount (plastic - remove the cross piece and hacksaw the base tube to size needed). I attach that to the vertical handlebar extension area -- and the wireless range works fine on my Phantom II and old style RANS Rocket. The bracket is less than $3 on eBay ..
Its not as perfect a spot as the horizontal handlebar area -- but good enough. I suspect it would work with the cheapest wireless computer -- as well as being close enough for the standard wire lengths.

Thanks for the input. Probably the best solution since I want to go cheap.

My current set up has my iPhone mounted to the handlebars with Map my Ride App and Polar Bluetooth wireless Cadence Sensor and a stack of Three 12x 3mm neodymium magnets stuck the left pedal...I have used wired Cateye with cadence sensor and wireless VDO with separate speed and cadence sensors...For rides under a couple of hours, the phone displays distance, cadence, and speed along with a realtime map if you want it.


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