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1UpUSA or Yakima Holdup Platform Bike Racks for Phantom

I'm a new Lightning rider - just upgraded from a vintage Trek R200 to the Phantom. What a change! I'm looking at the 1UpUSA platform bike rack - one of the few that fit my OEM hitch on a '15 Subaru Forester. Has anyone had any experience? I have the 20" front wheel and think I might have to modify (shorten) the tire holding arms to clear the boom. My other possible rack choice is the Yakima Holdup platform - but I'm not certain that the hold-down arm will work. Any successes with these racks to report?

I cut a short block of spec 2 x 4 and drilled and notched it to straddle the arms filling the loops to fit 20 and 16" wheels. Used it for years.


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