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Lock down tilt steering

After a few years of riding my P-38 with the tilt steering option, a small amount of play has developed with the lever locked. I think the plastic piece with teeth near the lock down lever has worn. The lock down lever and plastic junction has also developed an annoying creaking sound. I am fairly certain the stem and handlebars are not making the noise. Any suggestions on stopping the creak?

You may want to eamil Lighting. They will proably sell ou the parts to replace the worn out parts.
(I don't know the tilt steering. Hopfully the parts are replaceable.)

Sorry, I have no experience with the pivoting steering column Lightning sells. As Sam suggested, get on the phone with Tim Brummer at Lightning to discuss your options.

Hopefully there is a fix.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

Ellen, you might want to check the 'nyloc' locking nut on the back side of the locking lever. I found that it will work loose at times due to twisting of the locking lever. I would twist the lever to allow the steering to drop to its lowest position to get the bike in my tent or pickup box.

Take a pair of pliers and give it a little bit of a snug-up and see if that helps you out.

If you look at the picture of my bike on my picture service, you can enlarge it and see the nut I am talking about..

Hope that helps!

I've had my P-38 around 6 years and have tightened the nylon lock nut every year as Ellen suggests. The teeth wear and the nut loosens, so just tighten it. Eventually the teeth will be worn to the point that the tilt steering part will need replacing. At that point you might want to look at Terracycle for a replacement part (not the same type of tilt mechanism).

Rick Mandle


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