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2000 model P-38, 16" front wheel

This P-38 is new to me although I have owned dozens of recumbent Bicycles. My question is does the original,16" wheel have double walls?

Hello oldcrank,

Sun, Velocity, and other rim companies have made both double walled rims and dual-channel single walled rims over the years in the 16" ISO 349 size. Without taking the tire off your rim and scoping it out, it is hard to know what you have.

Though the likelihood is that you have a dual-channel type rim. Are there any labels or markings on the rim?

In general, double walled rims are of higher quality than single walled rims. But consider this: as rims get smaller, they also get stronger and more resistant to deformation. So even if you have a 16" dual-channel rim, like a Sun L17 or a Weinmann, the wheel is still likely to be super strong purely in virtue of the very small size. If it has been built properly, it will likely never need any attention from you.

I used to build my own wheels, but have gotten lazy recently. When building, I would try to use double walled rims with eyelets. The spoke nipples would turn more easily in the eyelets, and this made truing the wheel easier.

By the way, I like your chosen internet name.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman


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