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cheaper way to ship bikes & bike parts

I recently needed to ship a recumbent seat from Glenview Illinois to Phoenix Arizona. The seat (Rotator) was fairly light, but the box enclosing it was 24x18x14 inches. USPS wanted about fifty bucks. wanted about forty bucks.

But only charged me $25. It was easy. I went to the website, entered my information about the package, origin & destination, and paid. They can take a credit card or PayPal.

They then emailed me a shipping label that I printed off. I took the box to the nearest FedEx, dropped it and the shipping label off, and was done.

I sometimes get bored with a bike and sell it. When the buyer is not local, shipping can be a major expense. But this internet firm makes it a little less major. Certainly much cheaper than just having UPS pick up your bike box.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman


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