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What pedals do you use on your Lightning ?

Hello Lightning Riders;
Thinking of getting a pedal upgrade from the regular pedals on my Stealth / R-84 (when it comes ). There are times when the shoes slip off the pedals due to bumps or hard / rapid pedaling.
Are clip-in shoes with egg beater type platforms the way to go ? Or is the strap type over the front of the shoe the much preferred pedal setup ? Or is there another pedal platform that is the best overall ?

Hi agreg -

I have been using ordinary Shimano SPD clipless pedals and mountain biking shoes for many years with good results. You can often find both pedals and decent shoes on Nashbar and other sites at low prices. When I first got the pedals, I had to practice for awhile before clipping in became second nature for me. But I never had any problem clipping out, even from the very first ride.

No experience with the egg beaters or other clipless pedals. Other pedals might be better, I do not know. For walking around when off the bike, mountain bike style shoes with recessed cleats are much more practical than road style shoes.

Another type of pedal to consider is the so-called "commuter" style: SPD clipless on one side, and a flat platform on the other side. This is nice because it allows you to let other people take test rides on your bike, even though they do not have special cycling shoes on.

Some riders never get to like clipless pedals. Steve Delaire (of Rotator Recumbents) uses "beartrap" pedals like those used by BMX riders. Some people like "power grip" straps and pedals. Keep trying different things until you find something that works well for you. I think that the "foot suck" injury problem is not common for Lightning riders. But it could happen. So some type of foot retention device is a good idea.

Safe riding,

True in an emergency the clip in pedals would cause you to keep your feet where they should be & make you think before unclipping.

I have Mavik mountain bike shoes. Right now I use them without any clips on the platform pedals. Saw the Crank Brothers Candy Pedals 2/3. They are pretty light & people that have used them really like them. Shimano SPD pedals are the most popular.

Thank you for all your thoughts on pedals & shoes !

You definitely want mountain bike shoes, because when you put your foot down at a stop, you want some kind of sole to provide friction to prevent your foot from flying out from underneath you. Regular carbon road shoes don't cut it, IMHO.

I went with the Eggbeaters at the suggestion of Dana at BentUpCycles. I've never tried anything else, but I've never had a problem with them, so I don't feel the urge to experiment.

I crewed for a recumbent rider at the FC508 a couple years back, and she was using Speedplay pedals. The may be fantastic pedals, but the shoe-mounts require a little grease to make everything work right. That means if you step off into the sand or dirt -- ever -- you'll have trouble clipping in until you do. Not for me, thank you.

I have used both speedplays and SPDs on my R-84.
I settled on the SPDs finally as they were common and easy to find parts for wherever I was traveling.

I've used Eggbeaters for about 4-5 years. They work very well. I had Shimano SPD pedals previously. I much prefer the Eggbeaters.

For the record, SPD-SL.
I use my Voyager as a "road bike" rather than for tourism; and it's only a short distance from the road to the coffee shop bench.


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