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Will a 20x1.35 tire fit okay on Phantom?

It seems Schwalbe Marathon plus HS 440 tires do not come in 32-406 or 20x1.25. Will the 35-406 or 20x1.35 cause any problems? Thanks.


Hi Jerry,

The Phantom with the 20 inch fork has lots of room for fatter tires. Lots of room in the back for fatties too.

Most recumbent riders think of long wheelbase bikes as being the kings of cushy riding. With fatter tires on a Phantom - at less than maximum pressures - you can have your cushy ride and also enjoy the nimble handling of a shorter bike.

Likewise the older version of the Phantom, the Lightning Stealth.

Safe riding,
These three prevent most accidents: seeing, being seen, & common sense.

Thanks Joel. I thought I had replied the next day, but some how it didn't go through. I really like the Marathon Plus. I don't know the guy who has a vendetta against them, but he is way off base. They are fast tires and handle very well. As far as being too heavy, he must be a weight weenie! I have been using Marathon supremes on my other bike, but they don't make them in 20" tires. The Plus seems to be just as fast and good.

I really like the speed and handling of the Phantom. I put the front fairing from a Rans Velocity Squared on the phantom, I built the 3 brackets to make it fit. I also made a coroplast tail box for the Phantom. It does help the speed, but I carry way too much stuff inside of it!

I see this post made it through. I think I might have had a senior moment on my original reply and forgot to hit the save button!


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