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recent problems with LIGHTNINGRIDERS forum

During the last month or so the forum software has not been working properly. If you tried to log in, you likely were unable to do so. There is still a problem with the link from the home page of this site to the forum. It does not work - I get a 404 message when I click on it.

While the link is still broken, the forum is back up again. Post notes here if you are so inclined. You can access the forum by going to Google and typing in LIGHTNINGRIDERS FORUM or the like.

Hopefully the link from the home page to the forum will get fixed soon.

My apologies to anybody who wanted to log in and post but was not able to do so. Try again now, it should be OK.

Safe riding, and stay warm,
Joel Dickman

There is now a functioning link from the home page to the forum. So the site is back to normal. Though awfully sleepy.

Safe riding,


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