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Clipless Pedal Questions

Hello All,
I have a Stealth (Pre-Phantom)and I am looking at upgrading the pedals. Upgrading from the stock pedals to clipless. But I have read where some makes and models do not work well with recumbents. So my question is, What make and model would you recommend to someone who has never used clipless pedals before, and will be using them on a recumbent? Factors to remember: ease of clipping in and out is important to keep from falling over. Being able to walk in bike shoes (recessed clips) is important too.

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Alaskan100,

If you are new to clipless pedals, I suggest so-called "commuter" two-sided pedals: platform on one side for use with ordinary street shoes, and Shimano SPD-clipless on the other for use with mountain biking shoes.

Nashbar used to sell these under the name of Rodeo or the like. I forget. But the pedals were not very expensive and worked fine. When you feel like going clipless, you can. When you prefer to place your feet on the pedals the old-fashioned way, this option is open too. Like the candy bar commercial from decades ago - sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

Big Asian component companies such as Wellgo and VP make the pedals, and various retail companies re-badge them and sell under their own name. This is what Nashbar does. Some riders like the pedals sold under the name Eggbeaters. I have been perfectly happy with Shimano SPD compatible pedals from various outfits.

The cycling shoes intended for mountain bikers and commuters have a small recessed area on the sole where the cleat fits in. This lets you walk in a normal fashion, unlike the roadie type shoes with a projecting cleat. Though you need to be careful even with the recessed cleat style shoes: when the rubber wears down, the cleat will project outward just enough to damage a wooden floor. This happened to me, and the floor in my house now looks like crap. So be careful.

Their is a learning curve involved with clipless pedals. You may
suffer an embarrassing moment or two during the learning period.

Safe riding,


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