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zipper half-fairing


I recently picked up a used handlebar fairing to try on my Thunderbolt. Since I have tweener-ish style bars I am considering inverting the fairing which seems to offer a more raked profile than the 'proper' installation which to me looks like it would sit fairly high, be in my field of vision and 'push' air. Any thoughts, folk?

Hi Cici-

I have never heard of anyone trying the smaller Zzipper handlebar fairing upside down. If I understand you correctly when you write of using it "inverted." I'm no aerodynamics engineer. So maybe I should refrain from offering an opinion. (Hasn't stopped me in the past though.)

I would first try attaching the fairing to your handlebar in the standard position. You could probably cobble together a home-brew attachment somehow. Since you were able to fix your broken seat yourself, this should be no big deal for you. Try to adjust the position so it does not interfere with your legs and so that you do not have to look through it. You want to look OVER the top of the thing for best visibility.

There is likely some way to do this even if you are using a non-standard handlebar on your T-bolt bike.

There is a dramatic beginning to the recent Denzel Washington movie FLIGHT where he flies a jetliner upside down in an emergency situation. He saves many lives by being willing to fly upside down, so sometimes this is the right thing to do!

But probably not in your circumstance. Just my two cents.

Safe riding,


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