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Water Bottle Cages

Anybody got a good recommendation for water bottle cages that work in the horizontal position (like on the P38)? Has anyone used the Specialized Mantacage? Thanks


I think Tim Brummer used to suggest the Specialized Rib Cage water bottle holder. Don't know if that model is still available, or if the one you mention has a family resemblance to it.

If the holder is too loose, the bottle falls out when you go over a big bump in the road. If the holder is too tight, it is tricky to get the thing out when riding. Not easy to get the Goldilocks "just right" fit between holder and water bottle when using the underseat locations.

Safe riding,

Thanks for your responses and insights. I was hoping some of you would have some actual experience with cages that would work. Bladders are certainly an option which I may explore, but may be too cumbersome and trouble for shorter rides. I may try the Rib Cage that you suggested Joel. Thanks again.


I purchased some side entry water bottle cages a week or so ago and had some time to try them out over the weekend. They are the Salsa "nick less" cage ones and I can report they worked well. They are stainless steel and squeeze the bottle so they don't fall out. Worked well so far.


Would a side entry cage be an option? I have a couple of Catamount CatCage which work well but then I don't use them in a horizontal mount. You can see them at


I use the Specialized carbon cages, sorry don't recall the exact model. They are nice and grippy, although a bit pricey.

I mounted two of these to peak bottle water cage mounts low, on the back of the seat frame. Add cages and you have bottles in a verticle position. I can use and return the right side bottle cage while riding. I use these for liquids other than water.

My water is in a 70 oz. unbottle that fits on its side on the front pocket of my XL Rans Aero bag that I switch between 2 P38s.

Zoom in on this pic and you can see the cage attached to the frame low on the seat back. The bag is not my Rans Aero.

Carolyn, did you find that the RANS XL Aero bag worked on the Lightning seat? Do you have any photos? Thanks



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