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WTB Thunderbolt seat part

One of the backrest clamps on my Thunderbolt seat is cracked and LCD is out of replacements. Does anyone have the 2 bolt clamp that holds the seat back to the upper cross brace, or perhaps a wrecked seat that I can cannabalize? Thanks, cici

Hi Cici -

Maybe you could find somebody local who would try TIG-welding the cracked part back together. There might be some recumbent do-it-yourself types and homebuilders who could lend you a helping hand.

If the cracked part of your seat is beyond repair, the next alternative to consider is replacing the whole seat. Andrew Carson might be able to cobble something together for you on a budget. He posts notes on BROL, and has a website:

I would post a note in the Homebuilder's area of BROL, letting people know where you are located too.

If I remember correctly, you picked up your Thunderbolt bike for a song. To purchase a whole replacement seat from Lightning would likely cost more than you paid for the whole bike originally.

Good luck with the problem, and let us know what you end up doing.

Safe riding,

Hi Joel,

Thanks for the suggestion. I saw you got to ADC's latest seat proto-type a click ahead of me on BROL! Unfortunately, the crack must have expanded as I rode because I no longer have 1 half of the piece. I think I heard the clink when it hit pavement, but did not realize what had happened. So my options are finding someone to machine a copy, or contact ADC for a seat. Perhaps a trip to Milwaukee is in order. I am in the Twin Cities.

Hi again cici -

If you are in the twin cities area, there have to be homebuilder recumbent people who could help you out somehow. It might be possible to fix the seat frame with a kludge. I have a recumbent seat frame (RANS) that busted some years back. I took a piece of wooden dowel rod and wedged it into the tubes that had cracked, and then covered over the joint with multiple layers of Gorilla tape. Not very elegant, but it has not broken yet.

Some riders would regard doing this as Mickey Mouse and unsafe. But I like to squeeze every last drop of utility out of my bikes and bike parts.

Good luck, and safe riding,

Hi again cici,

I was watching the SHARK TANK television show the other night and two guys pitched an interesting product called FIBERFIX. It is a very strong fiberglass material pre-impregnated with epoxy resin that gets activated with water. Think of it as being like duct tape on steroids. I thought of your broken seat bracket and other HPV/recumbent uses for the product. I have not tried it yet, but it is cheap. It looks to me like something you could do yourself pretty easily and quickly.

Certainly worth a try.

If you do try it, please write back and tell us about your experience.

Safe riding,

Hi Joel,

Thanks for the fiberfix tip. I will look for that.

In the meanwhile, I found a galvanized steel L-shaped framing bracket at the lumberyard and cut it down so that I had the same outer dimensions as the broken casting. A bit of filing and rattle can finish and I was back on the road. It may not be elegant, but..

Thanks again.

PS 2 seat bag ideas from my thrift store scavenging: dog backpacks can be adapted into side/below seat bags and if a messenger bag (or regular small backpack has 4 attachment points at the coners it can be converted into a very stable seatback bag by using narrow straps in a criss-cross pattern and drawn tight enough to slip over the seat so it hangs with the bottom just resting on the seatstays and rear rack. The straps rest on top of the seat. Mine has a grab handle on top like a briefcase so it is very fast to lift off and slip back on.


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