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Largest tires for P-38

Does anyone know the largest tire size that will reasonably fit on the rear of a P-38. In either a 700c or 26" size. It has 135mm dropouts.
Brandon, Florida

Hello Jorge,

Sorry for not responding sooner. I have been busy demolishing a bathroom for a home construction project. Swinging a sledge hammer uses very different muscles than riding a recumbent bike!

You should be able to use a 32mm tire on the rear of a P-38, and maybe something a little larger still. Different tires can be bigger or smaller than what they are nominally, so a little experimentation is necessary.

If you use a 26" rear wheel, you will have room for something fatter still. But then you will need to home-brew a rear brake, unless you have a disc in back.

Safe riding,

I'm using Kojak 406-35 and 700C-35 on the front and rear of my new F-40.

The rear is a really tight fit height-wise. That is, when the tire is brand new I have to let a little bit of air out to get it on, then re-inflate.

I like the big Kojaks for the Texas chip-seal.


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