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Hydration bladder on Phantom

I mostly take long rides on country roads where there's no opportunity to refill water bottles.
Having a bladder that holds much more water is the way to go for me, and on my DF I always had a camelback strapped to my back.

While my bag has a divider to hold the bladder, I'm having trouble figuring out a good way to route the hose so that it is readily available while riding, but is in no danger of getting tangled in the chain or wheel. I would like to be able to clip the hose to the seat frame rather than being tethered to the bike by attaching it to my clothing.

How do you guys deal with the hose?

I just tuck the end of the hose with the mouthpiece into the neck opening of my shirt. Alternatively, you could tie a lanyard around the mouthpiece and hang it around your neck, outside your shirt.

What you want to avoid is any situation where the hose gets loose. It will sooner or later get tangled up in your drivetrain and be destroyed. Could cause you to crash too.

Safe riding,

I use a retractable ID holder that is fastened to the seat and and the hose. This gives me the flexibility of keeping the hose secure and within reach at all times.


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