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Longer Boom Tubes?

I am at the maximum forward adjustment on the sliding boom tube (peg on the bottom right under the front pinch bolt). I am thinking, however, that another inch of travel forward would make riding more comfortable.

Does anyone know if Lighting sells P-38 boom tubes that are custom made a little longer so they can be adjusted out further.

Yes, they do, sell a longer boom.

Lightning calls it an extended bottom bracket. I would imagine you should take your boom out and measure it before calling them. Also, you could weld a sleeve on your present boom, but, that may make the bike less desirable to a future owner.

Since an inch is a lot of extension, I have to ask this. Is your frame the incorrect size for your XSeam? Many times people try to find ways to make an incorrect size frame work for them. Nothing with that, but, it does not compare to having the proper frame. Just a thought.


I'm 6'4" so when I ordered my P38, I requested a longer boom and a higher seat back. They did however miss the taller handlebar riser which I later purchased and installed.


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