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Phantom rear tire?

I'm a bit of a Clydesdale, so I'm thinking that maybe I should go to the next size wider rear 26-inch tire on my Phantom. The Primo Racer does seem to be a fast tire, though, and I hate to give up the speed.

Can anyone recommend a larger tire that is still fast, and has a nice high (like 100 psi) inflation max?

Hi Greg,

I used to enjoy riding on a tire made by Ritchey called the Moby Bite. It was a very fat slick - over two inches wide - and could be inflated hard for speed, or inflated at less than maximum pressure for a very nice "flotation" effect on rough pavement.

For riding in an area with lots of broken glass, bits of wire, rock shards etc. nothing beats the Schwalbe Marathon Plus. I just hate getting flats, and am willing to tolerate the weight penalty this tire comes with for the pleasure of almost never getting flats.

As far as fast tires go, the really skinny tires tend to have the highest max pressures - Conti Grand Prix, Schwalbe Durano, and the like. These tires are not the best for Clydesdales though. More for lighter riders and going fast on smooth roads.

I have a tire made by Schwalbe that is on the fatter side called the Supreme that is in my basement, still unused. It is reputed to be a fast tire, or at least that is what it says on the Schwalbe website. Some day I will have to mount it and find out. The down side is that the tire is very expensive.

The perfect tire would have the puncture resistance of the Marathon Plus, the speed of the Durano, and the comfort of the fat slicks like the Moby Bite, Tioga Comp Pool, Greenspeed Scorcher and the like.

To the best of my knowledge, no such tire exists outside our imaginations.

Safe riding,

Thanks. I'll check out the wider tires you've mentioned.


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