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Primo Comet Kevlars on stealth seem less stable than regular Primo Comets

Well I've changed my tires a while back to Kevlar laced Primo Comets from the regular Primo Comets. Durable ? Yes they are very durable have cut down on getting flat tires from thorns, broken glass, even the hard hits that cause inner tube snake bite type punctures. I have noticed recently my stability around turns seems to be alot less than when the regular Primos that were under me a few years back. More sensitive on black top patches where the cracks were patched almost took me down.I know my rolling resistance & weight of the tire are increased with Kevlar but I have never heard of stability being effected. I'm thinking of going back to the regular Primo Comets as a fix.

Anyone else using or tried the Primo Comet Kevlars ?

I've never noticed any change. Let's explore other destabilizing influences: Headset (bearing) adjustment, Wheel bearing adjustment, loose QR, Cracked frame, broken axel, tire bead not seated, and lastly, loose steering tube (my personal favorite). Instability in the rear can appear to be a front problem.

Noticed a slight wobble to the rear wheel .... it has become a bigger wobble & the rear wheel needs to be trued. I have had more time to go over this bike instead of just going over the basics.
On a Lightning recumbent where the weight is so much on the rear wheel a true rear wheel is essential to the bikes overall feel. So glad it has not been major but working overtime so much has taken me away from spending time on functionality of the bike. Loose spokes on that rear has taken the fun factor out of this bike.Big fun when the bike is 100% & you have taken time to look over the whole bike !! Really I'm surprised that was not the first thing I looked at thoroughly ( I must be going blind ). Here its August & this is the first time all season I'll have to ride a stable / fast / Stealth ! Just bought Schwalbe Marathon Racer folding tire for the rear as it will be a little lighter than the Kevlar Comet, waiting for the LBS trueing.

Keeping wheels trued up is really not a black art or a mad science. It is something I would recommend anyone get good at. It is really not hard and there is a sense of pride that comes with keeping those hoops round and true. Spokes nuts do come in different sizes so when you take it in to the LBS to true it (this time) ask them which ones you have and get the wrench at the same time. Your LBS might show you how to do it (offer to pay - this is class and their time is worth it.) If they will not or are too busy, you can find plenty of people on local rides that will show you. There is even You Tube, if needed; but when I was your age we had to learn to do it blindfolded, while walking up a hill in the rain, backwards.

Just wait, soon enough you will build your first wheel. Talk about a sense of accomplishment.



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