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Lightning Phantom 2 the new carbon seat

Well I'm looking at the new carbon seat on the mid racers & I like the improvement to the Phantom ... the thing is the Large bike comes in Yellow. I'm sorry Yellow just makes me sick add the blue carbon seat cover to this recumbent & I'm wondering if they are color blind over there in Lompac CA !
I have a Stealth from 2000 & really like it as the color is black & black mesh seat but its the handling of this bike that got me to Buy it in the first place. Considering the local bike shop was steering me to the Rans T-Rex saying how dialed in the Rans was in comparison ... after test riding both plus a Trek recumbent it was the Stealth that felt "dialed in" comparing all recumbents that I test rode. I have ridden my Stealth for I would say over 7,000 miles at least & this recumbent has really kept me in good physical shape in the spring/summer months of Illinois & I really enjoy the rides. My Stealth not might look as high tech as other newer recumbents of today but I sure seem to have a good performance edge on many of those newer bents.
Getting back to the Phantom 2 in the large YELLOW frame keeps me from upgrading to the new recumbent. I'm sorry but nothing can turn me off like a Yellow bike with a frickin Blue fabric seat cover on the carbon frame. The upgrades from my 2000 Stealth are there with an additional idler & components have been upgraded but I cannot get around this glaring problem with colors on the Phantom 2 !!! Guess my Stealth stays with me longer !!!

You can always get a custom color, problem solved! There are so many neat ways to powder coat a frame, the sky's the limit. Having said that, yellow and blue are quite accepted as a color combination. I have one yellow bike in the stable and it is easily one of my favorites. I gravitate to blue shorts and shirts when I ride 'er.

So, what color are you thinking for your new Phantom? You know you want one!


It may be possible to purchase a new carbon seat from Lightning and adapt it to your older bike. I do not know if it is possible, or how much it would cost, but the Lightning people certainly would.

Part of the cost of the seat switch might be covered by selling the old mesh seat.

Assuming it is possible, and would not cost an arm and a leg, I would first want to try out the hard shell seat and see if it is to your personal liking. It feels very different from the mesh seat, and puts you in a different and more laid-back body position too.

Some people like the older style full mesh seat and the more upright body position better. Some riders do not. Like color preferences, comfort preferences get personal. So try before you buy and avoid expensive failed experiments.

Safe ridng,


That's a good idea, it sure should be adaptable, there are instructions on the midracer conversion on older bikes here:

Having said that, two bikes are better than one. Honest.


Well, I went to a Recumbent shop ( Amlings in Niles, IL about 33 miles away from me ) & test rode a Red P-38 with a small frame. I could tell the weight difference right away from my old Stealth Large frame. P-38 very light in comparison. My main reason for test riding the P-38 was trying the drop down handle bars with the bar end shifters. This combination felt less intuitive then the V-Type handlebars with the grip shifters. I did about 8 runs up & down the block. It was enough to know that the R-84 2x10 Velocity was what I want along with the V-Type handle bars with grip shifters.
After 15 years on my Stealth I'm really excited about getting an R-84. I'm still not in great biking shape right now ( lots of storms ) so maybe by the time the R-84 arrives .... the Stealth will have me ready for some epic rides.

Hello agreg-

When your new R84 bike arrives at Amling's, please contact me and give me an opportunity to check out your bike. I live pretty close to the Amling's shop. I ride a large P38, so I might not fit your bike. (Depending on what size you ordered.) But even if I am not sized properly to ride it, I still could eyeball the thing.

Good luck with the new bike, and please email me when it arrives at Amling's.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

Hi Joel ;
I've got to say no complaints on the black mesh seat. It has proven to be comfortable & durable. It has heavy duty Tie wraps holding the seat to the frame ... so I can't justify getting rid of the seat that has supported my butt for so many fun miles. Yes the upright position agrees with me as long as I have not just ate a meal. I would like to first try a mid racer seated Phantom before I would Buy a new seat ... maybe that position it too laid back for me. Noticed that a bike shop in Chicago is the closest Lightning dealer in my area but they don't stock Lightning bikes so I'll just keep my eyes open for a possible test ride in the future if a Phantom mid racer pops up in the area.

Hi George;
I like Black & maybe if I keep the Stealth going I can save up enough pennies for an R-84 !

I'm with you on the Yellow Phantom. Not sure what they were thinking when they decided to do that. I bought a large a few years ago and wasn't crazy about it being yellow. But have you seen the Blue color of the small! The yellow is way better!
Anyway, before I modified the Phantom I planned to have the yellow stripped and re-powder coated, but now I've changed my mind.
What I did was replace the crappy factory wheels and tires with a Velocity Uriel black wheel set 406mm front and 700mm back. Added black PB fenders as I ride this bike year round and in town. Installed a black P38 handle bar riser and stayed with the black mesh seat. I removed some of the heavy factory stuff to make the bike lighter and thus more enjoyable to ride, like the handlebar lock-down system, front chain tensioner and heavy factory wheels. I'm also running 28mm folding bead tires and light weight Frog peals. This bike actually weighs the same as my stripped down P38!
The Phantom is still yellow, but because I've added some black it now looks way better than original and I have no intentions of changing it.

Nothing against you're Yellow Phantom scooter ... and I replaced the Sun wheels I had on the Stealth too with Velocity Thracian wheels so we think the same thoughts as far as upgrades. Thumbs up for the Uriel black wheels with the black mesh seat much better on that Yellow Phantom frame ! I just can't justify paying for a new Phantom quite yet as the options stand right now ! My Stealth has alot of the same great qualities as your Phantom. Really this bike has held up quite well considering the mileage ... especially the black mesh seat. Being here in Illinois the Prairie Path I usually ride on, never seen another Lightning recumbent. Keeping the sprockets & chain clean / lubricated seem to be about the biggest maintenance during the riding season April thru November. After 3 years the Thracian wheels are still balanced & true. I use Primo Comet 1.35" on my 20" front with Primo Kevlar Comet 1.5" on the rear 559mm wheel (after experimenting with many different tire widths). Cateye wired speedo & a tool bag on the back of my seat .... I'll bet it weighs in closer to 31 pounds.

I dumped my stick bike that had a midracer-style seat after trying the Phantom II, and I wouldn't have been as interested in the Phantom II if it hadn't come in yellow. I realize that bright colors such as this are considered as camouflage -- judging by the way motorists still manage to ignore you when you're on a yellow bike with a yellow seat bag wearing a yellow jersey with yellow reflective bands around your ankles -- but I still feel better making the effort to be seen on the road.

You might check with Tim to see if the midracer seat can be upholstered in another fabric color, if that's the only thing holding you back.

For me, the standard Phantom II seat is incredibly comfortable: The midracer seat would have to be some kind of special for me to use it instead of the standard seat. I know lots of people who use the midracer-style seat on stick bikes, though, and they spend a lot of hours on their bikes, so they must be comfortable to someone.


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