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seating options

i've added a therma rest pad. but i want to eliminate the gap at the back that it creates. i can feel it. plus, i want a bit more lumbar support.

i've tightened the laces to the max. now i'm thinking of adding a thermarest compact chair. has anybody else tried that?

please tell me more about the therma rest pad. where did you get it, how do you like it, how did you install it etc. Thanks

Go to and type in:

Therm-a-Rest Trail seat

and you will pull up the information. It is 12" by 16", so it should work on the bottom of most Lightning seats. Measure the dimensions of the bottom of your seat to make sure.

Some people like the Therm-a-Rest, some people like the original piece of thin foam that comes with the bike, and some riders prefer to just sit on the mesh and not bother with any pad at all. Only you can decide what feels best to your own arse. Since the Therma-a-Rest only costs about $20, it will not be the downfall of The American Way of Life if you buy it, try it, and then decide it does not feel good to you.

Don't have any experience with the Therm-a-Rest compact chair.

Safe riding,

yes, i got mine on Amazon. i'm' using two actually and find that is what i like. never did try the chair.

I'm having trouble finding the 12x16 thermarest pad to replace an old one. Has anyone been able to purchase one recently?


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