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1) zip tie P-38 seat, 2) lightning rack and aerotrunk

i've read that the p-38 lacing tends to stretch and it seems like i've read where some folks are recommending ziptieing as an alternative. what are folks doing with this?

ordered an aerotrunk 3 in bright yellow to increase my conspicuity and of course for carrying gear/commuting. i have planet bike fenders on the wheels. would it be a good idea to buy a P-38 rack? Seems like if one put much in it it'd need support. PaulW over on BROL has used some kind of aluminum tubeing in a hairpin configuration, but i'm not sure i can pull that off.

BTW, up to 90 miles. slowly growing more comfortable. still deciding how to do starts and stops. for starts i seem to want to use the left leg first, but i'm finding for stops putting the left down and keeping the right clipped in is working. go figure.

Some riders do just fine with seat cord, and others prefer zip ties. If you do use zip ties, try to find some that are a) around ten or eleven inches long, and b) marked as being 75 lb. capacity or more. With the longer zip ties, you can thread them through the grommets twice, and greatly improve their strength. I think the black ones are more UV resistant than the white ones too.

Use wimpy zip ties, and they may start breaking when you ride down the street. Or even when you first sit down.

The trick to happiness with the cord is a) getting the right kind of cord, and b) knowing how to tie a proper knot.

I have no experience with the aerotrunk.

Safe riding,

When I talked to the guys at Aerotech they recommended adding a rack under the Aerotrunk. the little seat back bag doesn't need it but the 20 incher does.

I recommend that you put both feet down when you stop. Otherwise, I can recommend a good shoulder surgeon. As for zip ties, I use them on the back of the seat, and shock cord for the bottom.

ok. i hear you. i know a good shoulder surgeon as well, but DO NOT want to visit.

I've used the Commercial Electric 8" cables from Home Depot for several years. I replace them once a year when they start breaking in the lumbar section. It is not a problem at all to ride with a couple of broken ties. I put the new ties on very loosely before I cut the old ones off to expedite the process. The above ties are rated for 75#, indoor/outdoor use and meet military specs. I carry a few in a bag, as well as extra set of seat bolts after riding most of ragbrai with a broken seat bolt last year

I love the Rans Aero bag. I orderd the large but it was too small for my 70 oz camelbak unbottle and all the other gear I carry and had too few pockets. I put it on my husband's medium frame P38 and it's perfect for him.

I ordered the extra large for me and love it. for some reason it was very tight sliding on my large frame seat so I put the plastic bag it came in over the seat and was able to tug it on. I was able to tear all the plastic off except under the shoulders of the bag, but weeks later when I took it off it slide right off. It is so nice have a bag that goes on and off easily, carries a ton and doesn't have to be zip tied, bungeed or lashed on in any way. It is a pricey bag but is well worth the money.

I checked the Rans site and didn't see anything called an "Aero" bag. The closest they seem to have is something called the "Streamline Tail Pack." Is this similar to what you bought?

Sorry Greg, I included the link.

I saw one on a Lightning, and the gentleman suggested I call Rans to order to get the XL. I'm able to get the new design 70 oz unbottle in the pocket directly behind the seat. the old unbottle was too long.

Rans was great; there was a shipping mistake and I received the Large, but it works great on my husband's medium P38.

The large Tail Pak is fine for my fast-boy husband who doesn't even use a saddle bag on his upwrong race bikes. It'll hold a 50 oz camelbak, a jacket, tights, wallet, tubes etc.

My XL has 4 pockets besides the bladder pocket for all my cheater tire changing tools/tubes, keys, etc and a cargo area big enough for helmet, excess clothes as a spring/fall Texas day changes from mid 30's to 75 or more degrees, and a string sports bag for a bike purse. The pack is rigid enough that it never moves without additional support but I can easily slip it off for transport or to my other P38. There is a huge amount of wheel clearance; that has been the real struggle with the other bags I've tried.

I suspended an upright bag seat pack from the steerer for my smartphone and lip stuff for easy access.


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