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Adding lights

I'd like to add a SON hub and lights to my P-38. What's everyone's choice for a mounting bracket (and where does it go)?

No one has a dynohub on these?

Sorry, I have no dynohub experience at all. Dont even do much night riding anymore. However, there is a rider who uses the handle willie92708 (Willie Hunt) on BROL who designs high-end bike lights professionally. While he is not a Lightning rider, he might have something informative to say about lighting in general, and perhaps generators too.

He has also done RAAM, so he has lots of cycling experience.

I would try emailing him on BROL and see if he could offer useful advice about lighting up your recumbent bike(s).

Safe riding,

Thanks Joel, I know willie off BROL- nice guy.

A SON Dynamo Hub combined with the newer high intensity focused LED lights, especially those from Busch and Mueller with Licht24 designation will be a great addition. The Licht24 lights have two sets of LED's one set focused higher for daytime riding and they automatically switch the beam lower on the road for night time illumination.

I think a TerraCycle accessory mount with a side tab would work very well off of the derailleur post.


Ha! Ordered! (Except I went with the Schmidt Edelux)
Going to be laced to the new 17" rim I got-see other thread

Should be all done Saturday:
New Velocity Synergy front rim
New Stelvio front tire (Thanks Tim)
New xxl boom
New frame pump
150mm cranks from Mark Stonich
New Speedplay zero pedals
New Velocity Fusion rear rim (old rim was a tubular!!)
New 25mm Ultremo ZX rear tire
SONdelux hub
Edelux front light
B&M toplight rear light with "brake" feature

All I need is a kickstand and, down the road, panniers.
But I think it's "rando ready"-at least for 200k's.

You are sure going to be rolling in style! Saturday is going to be a Kodak moment, hint hint.


Just have to mount the lights and then it's picture time!


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