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tail lights for commuting

have a planet bike superflash tail light on my DF. What are folks using for tail lights on the P-38 and more importantly how in the world are you attaching them if you have the seat bag in place?



1) If you can tolerate a little more weight supported by your head, putting a light weight blinky on the back of your helmet with zip ties etc. is one option. Being higher up makes the light more visible to motorists.

2) Alternatively, you might be able to cobble together a clip that would attach to your light, and then clip over the top cross tube of the seat, going over the bag.

3) Some lights can be attached to the seat stays. Using the left seat stay would make sense.

Let us know what you try, and what works and what does not. Attaching lights is easier when you use a rear rack. Without the rear rack, you need to improvise.

Safe riding,

i ordered and tried a Planet bike 3 led blinky that mounts to the helmet. it came slightly damaged so i'm sending it back, but also it was nowhere nearly bright enough for my taste

just ordered a cateye td 1000. supposedly their brightest and has the benefit of side visibility. i'll mount it high on the back of my helmet. let you know if it works.


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