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fit adjustments on an older P-38

just FYI for any newbies like me. been out twice for about 10 miles in the neighborhood. right knee interference with bar end shifters. right knee tends to lean out a little on top end of stroke. raised the bar about an inch. no problem now.

had on pedal extenders but last ride i found that foot against the crank was fine, maybe even better. may not need them.

bought used frogs and mounted them last night. will practice today for awhile and then go out.

leg extension is to about 20 degrees prior to frogs, will evaluated with them. finding a slight amount of pain right knee top of right kneecap. this is prior to frogs and may have been from having to hold my legs up. will see. i wonder if i don't need to increase the bend but that would mean raising the bars again. right now bars are a full 3-4 inches below sightline so theres rioom.

lowered seat back 2 inches. opened up the cockpit. it seems like adjustable stem might be nice, i.e. like on the phantom. if I could bring the bars back a scosh it might be more comfortable for the arms and knees would be out of the way.

moved the boom in 1/2 inch. not sure if it's going to make any difference, but it did increase the knee bend a bit.

frog pedals are fine without extenders.

thanks to Mark Stonich I found some cranks he's going to shorten to 145. not sure if they'll be noticeably better than 155s, but worth the cost to find out. otherwise, it seems i have the bike pretty well dialed in. now i need a lot of miles expecting small incremental adjustments to finesse it. weather in the valley has been pretty wet lately. hoping for some dry.


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