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Which Nightsun model works well in the F40?

The Nightsun light that I see in pictures seems to have 2 headlights, but on the Nightsun website there seems to be the light with 3 headlights. Seems like the Nightsun has a right hand remote switch that you can mount to the bar.

1-Which Nightsun model does Lightning recommend for the F40?
2-Where is the waterbottle battery mounted?
3-How do you mount the light inside that fairing?



I went to the Nightsun website. I saw the NightSun Dual Beam XC and the NightSun Team Issue. Seems like the lights on the F40s seem to be the Team Issue, but I don't see any mention of a remote switch on the Nightsun website.

Lightning is charging $350 for the headlight, tail light, and remote switch. The Team Issue is $175 and the tail light is $40, so that comes out to $225, so $350 seems a little steep.

Anyone got a line on this?


For my F40, I bought one of the Magicshine 900 lumen lights a few years ago for under $100. The newer models have even better features than mine for the same price. I mounted it on a Terra-Cycle accessory mount attached to the front fairing support tube and this works real good.

I just installed a Lumotec IQ cyo light that runs off of a Schmitt Dyno front hub. I've always used an E6 Halogen light with my dyno before. I was very happy with the performance of this light and I felt comfortable on downhills with 30-35mph speeds with this light.
I've got the 60 lumen that throws the light further down the road and not as wide. It has a built in standlight but no reflector.
Of course it has the initial investment of a hub dyno and I had to search a little to find a spare 369 sized rim, but that turned up for a good price over on BentRideOnline. I built the front wheel myself so I saved some labor $$. The good thing is that it never needs batteries or charging. If your night needs are usually only a couple hours it may or may not be worth the additional costs. But compared to some of the premium lights out there you can built this system for ~$400-500.
From everything that I have read the Lumotec light is "almost" as bright as the current generation of super bright dyno powered LEDs but about 1/3 the price. Also if you need even more light the Schmitt hub will power 2 of these lights.


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