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where to find and how to mount V-brakes on older P-38

first ride on my P-38. about 45 minutes and loved it. sooooo cool.

chain is definitely hitting the cantilever brakes. not rubbing as i expected, but steadily tapping. so I want to change at least the back to a V-brake but don't know where to find them nor how to mount them. I did download the manual and used it to do the assembly. there was a lot more info so i'll check to see if it tells how to mount them.

I think that V-brakes should either solve the chain rubbing problem outright, or at least be an improvement over the original cantilevers. Have not heard Lightning riders complaining about chain rub with V-brakes.

You could find a decent pair on eBay. Just make sure they come with pads in good shape, a V-brake "noodle", and the various little bits of hardware needed to get them up and running. Avid brakes are of good quality. They mount on the same studs used for your cantilevers, so you should not have any problems installing them. Also much easier to set up and maintain in proper adjustment than cantilever brakes.

Some V-brakes have reversible cable orientation, which is nice for avoiding chain interference on your front fork. But the standard cable routing should be fine on the back end of your Lightning.

Safe riding,

Thanks Joel

I say old chap, would you mind scouting the offerings on EBay and making a recommendation. I saw avid single digit 3, avid single digit 5, avid single digit 7, avid single digit ultimate, avid single digit SL. I've no idea which would be best.

I would try to find a pair of cheaper Avids. But I tend to be generally tight with a buck.

There are undoubtedly many other brands of V-brake that are good as well. Years ago I was fussy about which bike components got selected for my rides, but now not so much. Decent Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo or whatever does not cost an arm and a leg. The quality of your braking and shifting is often more a function of how good your cables, cable housings, and cable routing are than the price of your brakes, derailleurs and so on.

Safe riding,


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