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Want to commute with F40...must wear shirt and tie..which rack can I use on F40/P38?

I feel that I've become a bit too sedentary for my tastes, and I want to incorporate more exercise into my day. I'm a teacher and I'd like to start riding the F40 to work. Only problem is that I'm expected to have professional dress..shirt and tie. I don't have a rear rack on the F40 right now because I'm a confirmed weight weenie, but I might cave on this to make commuting happen.

1-Which rack works well (preferably a light rack!!!)on the back of the F40?

2-Do any of those huge seatbags work? Like Bacchetta Brain Box

3-How do you handle the clothing issue with commuting to work?


Different people have different levels of body odor. It may also depend on your diet. I have avoided giving offense to my workmates by washing myself very thoroughly before leaving for work in the morning, then doing a soap-and-washcloth routine in the bathroom at work (no showers available), followed by a change of clothes.

You can keep a stash of fresh clothes at work to change into.

Commuting to work on your bike can become the best part of your day. It will also make you a stronger and faster rider. At the HPRA races held in Northbrook Illinois each summer, most of the fastest riders are also regular bike commuters. Not all of them though.

Safe riding,


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