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Is anyone running 10 speed on P38 or R84???

I am wondering if the 10 speed chain causes any problems with with Lightning idlers or the Terracycle P38 idlers.

1)I was thinking SRAM TT500 bar end shifters with 11-28 10 speed Ultegra with SRAM X9 10 speed rear derailleur. I would do a 52/53-39-26 up front.

2)OR do Dura Ace 10 speed bar end shifters with Ultegra 11-25 or 11-27 in rear, with Ultegra triple rear derailleur (28 tooth max). Same 52/53-39-36 up front.

What has your experience been?


SRAM XX 11-36 10-speed cogs on the rear, Lightning Carbon compact double cranks with Rotor Q-rings on the front, KNC 10-speed chain, SRAM TT-500 shifters, Dura-Ace triple front derailleur, SRAM XX long-cage rear derailleur, Terracycle Elite idlers. No problems with idlers or anything else. Do have to ease back on the power when up-shifting the front in order to avoid dropping the chain.


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