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I have a 16 inch suspension fork...will a 17 inch HED Jet work in it?

This is the wheel that I have on my F40. I'm looking for more speed. I have the touring style fork, and I have XT V brakes on the front. I think that the Hed Jet 17in Moulton wheel is quite fast.


Hello John,

1) The 16" wheel you have now has a bead seat diameter of 349mm, while the 17" wheel is 369mm. So there needs to be a minimum of one half of the 20mm difference - 10mm of wiggle room -between the top of your 16" tire and the underside of the fork crown for the larger wheel to squeeze in. This is assuming you are using tires of the same size.

2) Since your brake pads will have to move outward 10mm too, you need to have enough adjustment range on your brakes. You will need to measure to make sure.

3) Assuming the wheel and tire will fit in, and your brake pads can be adjusted to contact the 17" rim, you are good to go. My guess is that if it fits at all, it will a tight squeeze, and there will be no room for a fender or a fatter tire. Assuming fatter tires are even made in this size...

If you will forgive me for being a wet blanket... I think doing this is a mistake even if it fits properly. The HED wheel is very costly. Any aerodynamic benefit it will give you is so tiny that you will need the wind tunnel at Texas A&M University to even detect it. And the selection of tires in the ISO 369 size is terrible.

Basically, you will spend a boatload of money for a wheel that looks cool, but does nothing in the real world to make you go faster. And you will have an inferior selection of tires to pick from, and they will be less readily available.
And no room for an ordinary fender.

My advice: skip the HED wheel. If you want to go a tiny bit faster, get some wheel discs that can be fitted to your existing 16" front wheel. Lightning might be able to sell you some, or perhaps you could create your own.

Safe riding,


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