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today is a NBD for me (new bike day). not new, but it's new to me.

Call it a 1995 P-38 in pretty good condition. Sold to me by Bob Grant of LOMPOC and a staff member at Lightning. Bob make me a good deal, is very responsive and good to work with. Thank you Bob.

I put it together today after running off the assembly manual found online. I was able to do everything except adjust the derailleurs and mount the fenders. I'll take it to a local shop tomorrow that sells a few recumbents and get their help.

Bike has grip shifters. Kind of knobby and the left one has a lot of play/slack so far. I'll see if the experts at the shop can tighten it up. If not I may eventually switch them out for something else. Ideas are welcome.

Bike has new tires. The rear is a Schwalbe Ultremo 700 x 23. Front is a generic schwalb 17 in. I'm not too sure about the Ultremo. I'd like something that is flat resistant and has good traction in the rain. I ride specialized armadillos on my DF. And for the front I'm thinking of putting a tuffy liner in it. Ideas are welcome.

What I'd like to do if it's ok is report back regularly on how this new experience is going. As part of that i'm going to try and read back through the previous posts. Glean as much info that way as i can. Thanks in advance of any ideas and suggestions. I'm definitely excited.

Sure you can report back regularly about the new-to-you bike. It is cold outside and when we are not riding, we like to tinker and blab about riding and tinkering. It is not an obsession. It is a passion. Exchanging ideas and experiences about recumbents, and Lightning bikes especially, was the original motivation for creating this site.

I have used Mr. Tuffy liners with good results. I always hold a match under the ends to soften the sharp edges of the plastic. If you do not soften these edges somehow, they can slowly cut into your tubes and cause flats instead of preventing them. This is why Mr. Tuffy liners have a mixed reputation.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires are even more puncture resistant. If you commute to work, or ride in harsh winter weather, the Marathon Plus tire is wonderful. But it is not a racing tire.

If the little barrel-shaped gripshifters are not to your liking, you might replace them with Shimano bar-end shifters. Shimano rapidfire shifters work well, but they project downwards from the handlebar, and will interfere with your knees when used on a Lightning bike.

Safe riding,

could not adjust shifting. left has way too much slack. LBS will try and if they can't they'll switch them to SRAM 8 speeds. i too prefer shimano but they didn't have those in 8s. going to go with the marathon plus per your recommendation. wow are they pricey. but if i get lots a miles w/o flats it'll be fine.

for 38 + shipping. i prefer to buy local, but they quoted me in the neighborhood of $75. can't pay that much difference.


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