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Is a rans bar compatible with a p-38? Anyone tried it? How is the handling?

You can use handlebars from RANS, Vision, Bacchetta, or whatever your heart desires. As long as you can figure out a secure way of attaching the steering column / stem to the Lightning fork.

I have an old pivoting Vision handlebar / steering column on one of my Lightning bikes. It works fine for my peculiar needs. I cut down the width of the handlebar to fit inside a narrow fairing.

Poking around the photo gallery on this site, you can see that a few riders have tried these different steering set-ups.

The original Lightning handlebar / steering column works very well and is lighter than the alternatives though. Sometimes MUCH lighter. While it is fun to experiment with different components on your bike, in most cases the stock set-up is best.

Safe riding,

I put the small (18") Bachetta bars on my large frame so I could put on Scram twist shifters and to get my hands and arms in a more comfortable and aero position. I reversed the bars and cut 2 inches off of the ends. I like them so much I bought another pair from a friend to put on my backup P38.I had a pic with my post about the upgrade that I posted in August but I don't see it now.


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