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F-40 in the rain?

Hey everyone. I've got a 200K brevet planned for Sat. There is a 60% chance if rain. The weather is looking like lows of 50 high is 67 degrees with 12 mph winds.

I can either take the F-40 or my Bacchetta Aero. My queston is, how is the F-40 in the rain? The route is pretty flat, only about 3,300 ft of climbing over 128 miles. My concerns are; 1. How much water weight is trapped my the cover? Does it end up hanging on you like a wet blanket? Or is the F-40 an OK place to be on a wet ride?

As long as you have good, full-coverage fenders front and rear, I would say you should take the F40. The fenders made by Planet Bike are cheap and effective. Get the ones with the little rubber mudguards on the rear.

If you intend to do much rain riding, I would consider getting two pairs of fenders and splicing them together to create fenders with extended diameter coverage.

The Spandex will get wet, and will retain some water, but will not act like a wet blanket draped over you. A bigger problem is cleaning the bike and the interior of the fairing up after the ride is over. There are a lot of little nooks and crannies that dirty water will find its way into. So plan on a serious cleaning and lubing session after getting home, if there is much rain riding.

If you do the ride on your F40, write back and let us know how it went.

Safe riding,

I completely agree with everything Joel says with one other caution. If it is raining out and slightly cool, you also might have a problem with body heat coming up out of the enclosure and steaming up the inside of the windshield. Rain-X on the inside of the windshield might help with that but have not tried that yet.


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